Summer term consists of the courses offered during the summer semester. Compared to the regular fall and spring term courses, summer term courses are shorter in length but more concentrated. Irregular students who start their undergraduate studies at spring term may benefit from summer terms to complete their studies in 8 semesters. Additionally, students can benefit summer term to ease their course load in their last year or for other reasons. Student wishing to increase their GPA and students who want to compete the course that they were unable to do so in the past regular semester may also choose to enroll in summer term courses.

The courses and enrollment dates for summer terms are announced towards the end of the spring term by the Registrar’s and Student Affairs Directorate. The courses are announced on KUSIS and the enrollment dates are announced in the Academic Calendar. Student may enroll in to summer courses within course capacity limitations. Enrolling in summer courses does not require academic advisor approval. During the summer term, it is not possible to withdraw a course after the announced deadline as in the case for regular terms. Students who are enrolled in the courses are expected to attend to lectures as wait-listed student are removed from class rosters.