Students may withdraw a course for various reasons before the deadline announced in the Academic Calendar. Students may need to complete the credit of the course they withdraw. UNIV101 course cannot be withdrawn. Students receive a “W” grade in their transcripts for the courses they withdraw.

Students must withdraw their courses through KUSIS before the deadline announced in the Academic Calendar. To withdraw your courses please follow these steps or watch the video below: Main Menu → Self Service → Program Enrollment → My Confirmed Enrollments → Select related term then select the course you want to withdraw and click ‘Drop Selected’

If you do something wrong or give up withdrawal please e-mail

There is no monetary refund for withdrawn courses.

Students can withdraw up to 3 courses for the semesters that they undertake an overload during student’s education life.

You should not withdraw all your courses in one term. 

How to Withdraw from a course? Video