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The enrolment period for the Fall Semester of the 2023-2024 Academic Year will begin on Monday August 28, 2023 and end on Friday September 01, 2023 at 05:00 PM. In order for the enrolment transactions to be carried out, tuition payment must be completed according to the following rules:


Important Information:


  • Koç University tuition fees are determined and announced on a semester basis. Fall semester tuition fees are announced in July and Spring semester tuition fees are announced in January.


  • We would like to inform you that if only the Fall semester payment is made during the University’s Fall Semester registration period, there will be an increase (with limited inflation rate of July- December) for the Spring semester tuition fees which are announced in the tables bellow.


  • The annual tuition fee covers the courses in the Fall and the Spring semesters, and if the payment is made during the University registration period annually, the fee will cover both the Fall and Spring semesters.


  • For the annual fee payment option, payment in installments is not accepted. Payment in installments is applicable only if the Fall and Spring semester fees are paid separately at the beginning of each semester (Fall semester payment in July, Spring semester payment in January).



Payment Procedure – Students with Turkish National ID:


There are two payment plans: in cash or in installments. Payments in installments are made only through Yapı Kredi Bank. The tables showing the details for the tuition fees (according to the scholarship rate and undergraduate programs) are listed below.


  1. Advance Payment Option:


It is not possible to pay the tuition fees via direct bank transfer. Payments can only be made online through the system of the contracted banks listed in the table below using the student’s TR Identity Number.


Contracted Banks Internet Menu Cash Desk ATM Online Banking Mobile


1-     Yapı ve Kredi Corporate – Individual Branch / Payments / University Payments Yes  – Yes  –
2-     Garanti Individual Branch / Bill Payment / Other Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-     İş Bankası Individual Branch / Payments / University Payments Yes Yes Yes Yes
4-     Akbank Individual Branch / Payments / University Payments Yes  – Yes  Yes
5-     TEB Individual Branch / Bill Payment / Other Yes Yes Yes Yes


Koç University does not charge extra commissions for the payments made. We kindly recommend that you can raise an objection in case the financial institutions charge commission.



  • Students who do not follow the above rules will not be able to enroll in courses.
  • The fees of all undergraduate departments at Koç University are the same except for the School of Medicine.







Tuition for All Undergraduate Degree Programs Fall Semester Tuition**
–  Full Tuition           260.000,00
– Tuition with 50% Support Scholarship           130.000,00
– Tuition for School of Medicine (50% Support Scholarship) *           179.000,00


Tuition for All Undergraduate Degree Programs Fall & Spring Semester Tuition**
–  Full Tuition           520.000,00
– Tuition with 50% Support Scholarship           260.000,00
– Tuition for School of Medicine (50% Support Scholarship)*           358.000,00


Tuition for All Undergraduate Degree Programs Spring Semester Tuition**
–  Full Tuition           300.000,00
– Tuition with 50% Support Scholarship           150.000,00
– Tuition for School of Medicine (50% Support Scholarship) *           206.000,00



**50% Support Scholarship Medical students who will study English Preparation (ELC) will pay 50% Support Scholarship for undergraduate years.



1.2 Option for Payment by Installments:


Payments in installments are made only through one financial institution.

In order to register for a course, installment procedures must be completed, and installment approvals must be obtained from the financial institutions.


The financial institution offering payment by installment:


  • Yapı ve Kredi Bankası: You can learn your application results in a few minutes by applying through Yapı ve Kredi quick application channels (branches, Installment Education System page at www.yapikredi.com.tr and SMS with the ”KOCUNIEGT” school code). In order to complete the registration process, the instruction entry step must be performed after the application approval.


Contact Details

Gülten Öztürk : 0 212 338 30 02  gulten.ozturk@yapikredi.com.tr

Ayşegül Bozar :0212 338 30 03   aysegul.bozar@@yapikredi.com.tr

Esra Özdemir: 0212 338 30 06     Esra.Ozdemir4@yapikredi.com.tr

Evrim Aygül :   0212 338 30 07   evrim.aygul@yapikredi.com.tr


Students can make a payment schedule according to the below mentioned payment terms by choosing the above-mentioned financial institution which has a contractual relationship with Koç University.














Schedule of Payment in Installments:


To be able to enroll, the installment transactions should be completed, and the installment approvals should be received from the financial institutions by September 10.


Installment Payment Schedule (TL)
Installment Sum 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Installment
Semester Tuition* 4.09.2023 4.10.2023 6.11.2023 4.12.2023
Tuition for All Undergraduate Programs
– Full-Tuition 291.200,00 72.800,00 72.800,00 72.800,00 72.800,00
– With 50% Support Scholarship 145.600,00 36.400,00 36.400,00 36.400,00 36.400,00
– Tuition for School of Medicine (50% Support Scholarship) 200.480,00 50.120,00 50.120,00 50.120,00 50.120,00


*Above are the TRY figures including 10% VAT, excluding scholarships and discounts. In case of a change in the VAT rate, the same rate will be applied on the fees. Fees will be calculated over your scholarship rates.


1.2.1. Actions to be taken in the installment system:

  • Applications should be made to the Yapı Kredi institution no later than by Friday, September 1 ,2023.
  • For paying in installments: As internal assessment processes of these institutions take time, it is important that the transactions are started as soon as possible and completed by the end of the enrolment period.


1.2.2. Important Notes for Installment:

  • It is important to ensure that the amount required for the realization of installment payments must be in the account to be specified by the financial institutions providing the loan on the relevant payment day. Day-based interest will be charged to these amounts not deposited in the account specified by the financial institutions.
  • Parents who prefer the installment payment option should do so by choosing Yapı ve Kredi Bank.
  • Your installment must be completed between August 28 and- September 1 2023, which is the registration period.
  • In addition to the installment payment plan that Koç University has provided to you, it is possible to use Education / Consumer Loan with various maturity and payment options from any financial institution of your choice. However, the entire amount is required to be paid to Koç University as stated in 1.1 “Advance Payment Option”. Since the internal evaluation processes of Yapı ve Kredi or Koçfinans for installment applications take time, it is important not to leave the application process to the last days.
  1. Other Important Issues:

The types of payment applied in the tuitions are as follows:

  • Discount is applied in the following manner: 10% to the children of those who are currently employed in the Koç Group companies,
  • Discount of 10% for the children whose parents have retired after working for 20 years in Koç Group companies and partial discount to be calculated on a yearly basis to the children whose parents retired after working 11-20 years.
  • Discount of 5% is applied for each student during the period in which the sibling’s study together in Koç University.













Contact Details:


For any questions, you can contact the people listed bellow from the Finance, Budget and Reporting Directorate during working hours (08:30-16:30) on weekdays or visit our Frequently Asked Questions | Koç University (ku.edu.tr) web page. You can also create your requests according to the relevant topics by logging in with your KU ID and password on the Finance-Trackit portal on the trackit.ku.edu.tr website. Requests on the Track-it portal will be answered faster as they are addressed directly to our team.


Phone: 0 212 338 30 30

Mail: studentaccounting@ku.edu.tr

Ömer Ömür Türkoğlu

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