Information on Fall 2023 Semester

Dear Students,

Fall 2023 courses will start on October 2, 2023. Course enrollments will begin on September 25th, and the course add-drop period will continue through KUSIS until Tuesday, October 10th.

You can access the July and August 2023 Academic Council decisions here. We recommend that you review these decisions before course enrollments as they will be implemented starting with the Fall 2023 semester.

Fall 2023 classes are scheduled as 70-minute lectures and 20-minute breaks. ELC classes are scheduled as 50-minute lectures and 10-minute breaks.

The primary method of teaching for Fall 2023 is face-to-face. However, there will be a limited number of courses to be offered online only. The method of teaching for each course is available in KUSIS under Class Search” / “Instruction Mode”. Class attendance regulations will be applied as stated in the course syllabi.

KUSIS Class search menu also includes online participation links for all courses. However, in courses where the course delivery method is face-to-face, this method can only be used in exceptional cases with the approval of the relevant faculty member.

Examinations (midterm(s) and final) for face-to-face and online courses are to be held face-to-face on campus. Faculty members may also consider using other assessments including take-home assignments, online quizzes, online assignments, online discussions, reports, presentations, etc. to assess student learning. If these evaluation tools are to be used, the syllabus should clearly state their weights in grading.

If you have questions about course enrollments, you can send them to or you can consult the respective Dean’s Office or email for questions regarding other issues mentioned above.

Useful Links:

Academic Calendar

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Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT)


With best wishes for a successful and a healthy semester,

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs