Tuition Paying Exchange Student (Non-Degree Student) Application

Welcoming tuition paying exchange students, Koç University offers a broad range of courses where students may deepen their interests, complete requirements for other degree programs, or just broaden their horizons.

Students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctorate program at other universities may apply to take certain courses as tuition paying exchange students at Koç University. High school students/graduates are not eligible to apply as a tuition paying exchange student.

Tuition Paying Exchange Student Admission

  • Koç University accepts a very limited number of tuition paying exchange students who wish to attend specific courses without being candidates for a degree. Applications are reviewed by the Executive Councils of the University. The fee is determined separately for each course attended. Upon request, tuition paying exchange  students are given transcripts indicating the courses they attended and credits and grade(s) received.
  • Admission as a tuition paying exchange student should not be considered as admission to any degree program at Koç University.
  • An academic record is maintained for each tuition paying exchange (non-degree) student, and the student’s work will be graded and recorded in accordance with the prevailing policies of each College or Institute. Credit or grade earned as a tuition paying exchange student will be reported, at the student’s request, to other institutions.
  • A student’s status as a tuition paying exchange student at Koç University does not give him/her any privilege to get admitted as a tuition paying exchange student again. Koç University may refuse to register any tuition paying exchange  student for a second time depending on various factors. Each semester, tuition paying exchange students must submit to the Registrar’s Office their updated application form to register for a course.
  • Questions about eligibility, application process, or course details should be referred to the Registrar’s Office.

Transfer of Credits

  • If a tuition paying exchange student wishes to transfer from another higher education institution to a program at Koç University, upon admission, they cannot transfer Koç University credits obtained as a tuition paying exchange  student. The student may only transfer credits recorded on the transcript of their former institution; i.e. may only transfer the credits that their former institution had previously accepted.

Below is the relevant YÖK rule:
MADDE 25 –

(5) Özel öğrenci veya değişim programına katılan öğrencilerin kurumlar arası yatay geçiş yapmaları halinde sadece kayıtlı oldukları diploma programında kabul edilmiş olan dersleri transfer edilebilir.


(5) In case tuition paying exchange students or students participating in an exchange program would like to transfer to the institution where they studied as a special or exchange student, they can only transfer credits previously accepted by their former academic program.

Submission Deadline for Application

Below are the time periods during which you can apply for special student admission;

For Spring 2024 : 08-12 January 2024,

For Summer 2024: 03-07 June 2024,

For Fall 2024 : 19 August – 23 August 2024.

Tuition and fees

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the tuition for the School of Medicine at Koç University is 716.00 TL, and for all other departments, including ELC (English Language Center), is 520.000 TL. This fee covers tuition and registration and also allows full use of the library, computer laboratories, and infirmary services. Accepted students are required to pay one tenth of the annual tuition fee for each course they are enrolled in.

Online Application

While making online application, you will need to upload the documents below:

  • Sealed and approved official transcript: Students who are already enrolled in a university should upload a copy of their official transcript. If the student is a graduate of a university, they should still request a transcript and upload it to our application system.
  • Copy of English Proficiency exam (TOEFL, YDS, etc.): Students are required to send either their TOEFL or YDS/e-YDS score reports which demonstrate they passed the test pursuant to the requirements determined by KU. The official version also needs to be sent to the Registrar’s Office. Please refer to English proficiency section for a list of accepted exams and minimum scores.
  • Original score report of the Turkish Language Proficiency exam for candidates who apply for a course in Law or Nursing programs whose language of instruction is Turkish. Please refer to Turkish proficiency section for a list of accepted exams and minimum scores.
  • Copy of high school diploma.
  • A copy of enrollment verification document issued by the candidates’s current institution.

Applications with missing documents will not be taken into consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to send the complete and accurate required documents on time.

  • Upon admission, ERASMUS students who are nationals of the EU will be allowed to travel to Türkiye with a tourist visa, while the rest of the international students will be required to obtain a student visa. Otherwise they will not be able to get a residence permit and will be asked to travel back to their home country.
  • During registration, you will be asked to bring your original ID in order to make a photocopy.
  • 2 (two) photos will be requested during registration to be kept in your student file.

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Important Notes

Contact Information

Telephone: +90 212 338 16 08 / +90 212 338 10 51

Fax: +90 212 338 12 88 or by email at

Address: Koç Üniversitesi
Kayıt ve Öğrenci İşleri Direktörlüğü
Rumeli Feneri Yolu
Sarıyer, Istanbul, Türkiye 34450

English Proficiency

The following external exams and minimum scores will be accepted:

TOEFL PBT: 550   TWE: 4



YDS/eYDS: 80

PTE: 67


TOEFL test scores should be posted to Koç University code 0163.

For further information, please contact English Language Center (ELC) at  +90 212 338 70 32 or visit ELC’s web site at

Turkish Proficiency

Students who have applied for a course whose medium of Instruction is Turkish in Law or Nursing programs will directly begin Turkish education if they approve that -within the framework of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages- their score is C1 or above at TOMER or Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Proficiency Exam.