Spring 2022 Course Planning

January 13, 2022

Dear Students,

KUSIS will be available for Course Planning on January 18th at 10.00 a.m for Spring 2022.

Please be informed that the timing of the planning will not be considered as ranking criteria during enrollment period. All planning activities will be available for all students, regardless of their final credits, academic plans etc. Ranking criteria, completed credits and the academic plans of the students that are specified by Faculties and Graduate Schools will be effective during enrollments.
Planning your courses is not a must, however course load and payment activities will operate swiftly during enrollment for our students who planned their course ahead of time. To benefit from Planning functionality, please make your choices accordingly.

KUSIS can be accessed at https://kusis.ku.edu.tr using my.ku username and password. The relevant training materials are available at https://registrar.ku.edu.tr/en/general-informations/how-to-videos/

Please follow these steps in KUSIS for Planning your courses: Self-service >  Program Enrollment > My Course Planner. Select Spring 2022 from the list.
In case you have any questions regarding the planning of your courses, you can submit a track-it at registrar@ku.edu.tr
More detailed information on frequently asked questions on enrollments and tuition payments can be found at the following links:





Note: All required courses which are listed among the first two semesters curriculum in accordance with the department specific templates will be automatically assigned to our students who will be following their first-year curriculum for Spring semester. However, if there is a common core course (SCIE, HUMS, SCEN, SOCI, ASIU, ETHC, ECSA, EQUR) in your second semester template which you are required to take, you should plan from among those aforementioned courses.


ELC students are not required to plan any courses as they will be automatically enrolled in their courses

Best Regards,
Registrar’s & Student Affairs Directorate