Sixty percent of Koç University students reside in our dormitory buildings, located at Rumelifeneri Campus and West Campus. The reasons for our students’ preference of dormitories are proximity of dormitory buildings to faculties, amenities for studying, availability of communal areas for social activities, and security. Life in dormitories of Koç University, which are going to be your home henceforth, are designed to support academic lives and social activities of our students.

We are working to ensure a comfortable and pleasant life for KU students. Therefore, we prefer to say ‘welcome to your home’ instead of saying ‘welcome to our dormitories’!

Bed Capacity

As of Fall Semester 2023 – 2024 academic year, dormitories of Koç University have a total bed capacity of 3.193 beds, which consist of 1.822 beds at the Rumeli Feneri Campus and 1.371 beds at the West Campus. At Rumeli Feneri Campus dormitory buildings, we mostly offer options of single, double, triple and quadruple rooms with communal bathrooms and a limited amount of single, triple, quadruple rooms with en-suite bathrooms. At West Campus dormitory buildings, single, triple, quadruple and five person room options with communal bathrooms are available.

Dormitory Facilities

In our dormitory buildings, there are central heating and 7/24 hot water facilities. At Rumeli Feneri Campus dormitory buildings, kitchens and laundry facilities are available. At West Campus dormitory buildings, laundry facilities and three wide communal kitchens and kitchenettes on separate floors are offered to our students.

Individual beds with mattress pads for private use, closets, desks, armchairs, chairs, bookcases, mini fridges, desk lamps are available in every room. Rooms are provided with 7/24 internet, cable TV, and telephone connection. In each building, there is a communal room with computers and printers. Besides, our students are able to watch cable TV in communal kitchens.

In order to ensure hygiene standards, housekeeping services are provided regularly in rooms, communal recreation areas, toilets, and bathrooms.

Housing and Accommodation Directorate offers 7/24 service with its main staff of 26 people supported by medical, security, and technical staff.

Dormitory Application

Only registered undergraduate Koç University students are entitled to apply for dormitories. Housing and Accommodation Directorate carries out allocation and placement of students that have applied for accommodation at dormitories. Applications should be made through our university’s internet page with the passwords provided by Registrar’s Office, within the deadline announced by Housing and Accommodation Directorate.

All required documents listed below should be submitted within the announced deadline, otherwise your application will not be taken into consideration.

Dormitory Application Procedure

  1. During the dormitory application process, we suggest you to carefully read the Dormitory Guidelines and Regulations document at http://dorms.ku.edu.tr/ and complete the application accordingly.
  2. After completing your prepayment, you’ll be able to make your dorm application through KUHUB. “Dormitory Application” section will be visible within two days after your prepayment. (Students who have dormitory scholarship are exempt from this fee.) Using the password provided by the Registrar’s Office, log in to https://campus.hub.ku.edu.tr/ then click the “Apply” button on “Dormitory Application” section to start application process. Dormitory applications will begin on Monday, 28th of August, 2023. Deadline for KUHUB dormitory applications is on Friday, September 1, 2023 at 17.00 Turkish time.
  3. Do not forget to click “Submit” button on your application.
  4. Dormitory application should be made through KUHUB system and it will cover 2023 – 2024 academic year. Dormitory application of newly admitted students will be evaluated according to the address criteria and room capacity. (Based on their addresses declared to ÖSYM).

Financial Issues

  1. Dormitory Pre-registration and deposit fee payment: During registration between 28 August – 1 September, 2023, newcomer students that are going to apply for dormitories should pay 10.000 TL ‘dormitory advance payment’ (students that receive full scholarship, including a free dormitory benefit, are exempt from this fee); and a ‘dormitory deposit fee’ of 2.000 TL (Students that receive full scholarship must also pay this deposit fee. Anatolian scholar students are exempt from this payment). After completing your prepayment, you’ll be able to make your dorm application through KUHUB. Dorm application section will be visible on KUHUB’s homepage within two days after your prepayment.

Deadline for KUHUB dormitory applications is on September 1, 2023 at 17.00 (Turkish time.)

  1. Announcement of room assignments: Results of dormitory applications for 2023 Fall and 2024 Spring are to be announced on Friday, September 08, 2023. Dormitory placement results will be visible on KUSIS -> Student Center page.
  2. Payment of the difference amount between room fee (according to assigned room type) and Pre-registration fee: Students, who are allotted with dormitory rooms for 2023 Fall and 2024 Spring semesters, and whose rooms are announced, have to pay the price difference over the Dormitory Pre-registration Fee of TL 10,000 according to their assigned room types between 11 – 15 September, 2023. In the event that the difference is not paid, student’s dorm assignment will be removed. Also it will not be possible to take the copy of 2023 Fall – 2024 Spring Term dorm contract through KUSIS, which should be presented while checking in to the dormitory room. Students who don’t present their 2023 Fall – 2024 Spring Term dorm contracts will not be allowed to check in to their rooms.


The details of the installment system are noted below in Article 9 under Payment Options.


  1. Payment in Installments: In order to take the copy of 2023 Fall – 2024 Spring Term dorm contract through KUSIS, which you should present while checking in to your room, installment procedures should be completed and installment confirmation should be taken from the related financial institutions at least two days before check in.


  1. Students wishing to cancel their dorm rooms can carry out the declining process by following the STUDENT CENTER > TO DO LIST tabs on KUSIS between September 08 – 11, 2023. Students who decline the rooms allotted to them are no more entitled to stay in the dormitories and they receive full refund of dormitory fees. Rooms can only be declined through KUSIS.


  1. Students who wish to cancel their assigned dormitory room after September 11, 2023, untill September 15, 2023 will pay one month’s fee of the annual accommodation service fee specified in the service delivery contract for the room assigned to and after September 15, 2023 they will pay the complete amount of the fee up to the date they have received accommodation services including the current month and 30% of the total accommodation fee for the remaining months. In case students have paid deposit in advance, the fee to be calculated according to this article will be deducted from their deposit and the remaining amount will be returned within one month, and students’ service delivery contracts will be terminated (They must submit their request for refund via H-track-it. Housing Office sends the confirmation notice for reimbursement to the Comptroller’s Office; which starts the process for reimbursement within 10 days.).


  1. The Dormitory Pre-registration Fee and the deposit fee are refunded to students who apply for a dormitory room but are not allotted one (They must submit their request for refund via H-track-it. Housing Office sends the confirmation notice for reimbursement to the Comptroller’s Office; which starts the process for reimbursement within 10 days.).


  1. Students who will check out at the end of 2023 Fall semester are required to carry out their dormitory exit procedures until the deadline to be announced at the end of 2023 Fall semester.


  1. Payment Options:


There are two payment plans as cash or installment. Installment payments can be deposited to Yapı Kredi Bank or Koçfinans.


9.1. Cash Payment Option:

You can pay Dormitory fees and Deposits using student’s Turkish ID number via any payment channel of our contracted banks listed below.


Contracted Banks Internet Cash Desk ATM Mobile Banking
Yapı Kredi X X
İş Bankası
Akbank X



Payment information of those students who do not make their payment as stated above, will not be accessible, their dorm application forms will not be accessible on KUSIS and their dorm registration process will not be completed.


9.2. Option of Payment Through PARAM:


PARAM payment links will be shared with students who have been assigned a dormitory room via e-mail.


9.3. Option of Payment by Installment:


Installment payments can only be made through finance institutions specified below.


Yapı ve Kredi Bankası: You can apply through fast application channels of Yapı Kredi (Yapı Kredi Mobile ‘‘Payments>School Payments>Installment Payment System’’, Customer Support Center ‘‘444 0 444’’, bank branches, Installment Education System page in www.yapikredi.com.tr and SMS with ‘‘KOCUNIEGT’’ school code) and learn the result of your application within a few minutes.


  • After your application is confirmed, you can issue your order for Installment Education System through Yapı Kredi Mobile ‘‘Payments>School Payments>Installment Payment System’’, Customer Support Center ‘‘444 0 444’’ and calling or visiting our bank branches. Our customers that will make use of Yapı Kredi Mobile should enter student’s T.C. Identification Number information to the student number section.


For detailed information, see “Yapı Kredi Bank Installment Education System” in our web page: http://dorms.ku.edu.tr/tr/announcements.


Koçfinans: You can send your contact information to kukredi@kocfinans.com.tr, you can call 0216 556 03 03 and press 3 which will transfer you to Credit Counselor without waiting on the voice response system, you can send your contact information as sms to 0549 814 07 00 which will be replied accordingly.


Important Notes Regarding Installment:



  • It is important that amounts for payment of installments are available in due date in the accounts to be specified by the loan agencies. Daily interest may be applied on amounts that are not deposited to these accounts specified by the loan agencies.
  • Parents choosing the option of paying by installment must pay the relevant amounts by choosing either Yapı Kredi Bank or Koçfinans. In case of receiving approvals from both agencies, double payment will take place.
  • As internal evaluation processes of these agencies will take time and your installment transaction must be completed between 11 – 15 September, 2023 – the room payment period – it is important to apply to either Yapı Kredi Bank or Koçfinans until September 13, 2023 at the latest.


It is necessary to complete installment transactions and receive approvals from the finance institutions in order to check-in a dormitory room.


Yapı Kredi Bank:


Gülten Öztürk               0212 338 30 02   gulten.ozturk@yapikredi.com.tr

Ayşegül Bozar              0212 338 30 03   aysegul.bozar@yapikredi.com.tr

Esra Özdemir               0212 338 30 06   esra.ozdemir4@yapikredi.com.tr

Evrim Aygül               0212 338 30 07   evrim.aygul@yapikredi.com.tr

Gamze Aydın            0212 338 30 01   gamze.aydin2@yapikredi.com.tr


Koçfinans Customer Services Contacts:


You can call the Customer Services Line via 0 216 556 03 03 or send your contact information to kukredi@kocfinans.com.tr for application and loan use.


  1. Documents to be submitted to Housing and Accommodation Directorate during application.

Criminal record and archive record document (on e-government, institution type must be selected as ‘official’. If the institution type is not chosen as “official”, only the criminal record is displayed and this document will not be sufficient. In order to include the Criminal Archive Record information on your document, you should choose the ‘official’ option.

You should submit related document through this link.


  1. Procedures to be followed at Housing and Accommodation Directorate during check-in

11.1. Students should complete the check in procedures and receive their room cards by submitting the signed Dormitory Contract printed out from KUSIS to the Housing and Accommodation Directorate, after completing the difference payment over preregistration fee.


11.2. If you identify any kind of damage in the room that you have checked in, you should report it to Housing and Accommodation Directorate in the same day that you have checked in. Otherwise, Housing and Accommodation Directorate can not be held responsible for damages that are not reported during check-in.

We wish you success and happiness in your academic and dormitory life.

Housing and Accommodation Directorate Contact No:

For RF Campus: 0 212 338 33 77

For West Campus: 0 212 338 70 21

E – mail: housing@ku.edu.tr




For more information, you can visit our website at http://dorms.ku.edu.tr/ , you can send an e-mail to housing@ku.edu.tr, or you can call Rumeli Feneri Campus 0212 338 33 77 and West Campus 0212 338 70 21