Fall 2020 Grading Options

January 13, 2021

Dear Students,


As previously announced at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, the University Academic Council has unanimously decided to offer a regular letter grading and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (i.e., ‘Pass/Fail’) grading option for both undergraduate and graduate students, applicable only for the Fall 2020 Semester.



The process for students who wish to proceed with a Satisfactory grade will be as follows:


-Letter grades (such as A,B+,B) for each course will be posted on KUSIS, so that students can view their overall grades.


-If you would like to proceed with a S-Satisfactory grade instead of the letter grade, you will need to follow the steps below on Kusis between January 14th and 27th:


Main Menu

Self Service

Student Center

Go to “To Do List”  Click on “Fall 2020 S-Grade Change Request Form”

Click on checkbox(es) corresponding to the course(s) to which you request a change of grade

Click on ‘’Request an S Change of Grade’’

Click on the ‘’OK’’ button in the opening window

The status of course(s) will be seen as applied.


You can make changes to your request(s) after you are done. If you make a change, the most recent form that you have submitted within application dates will be taken into consideration. If you click on the checkbox  above your course and re-click on ‘Request an S Change of Grade’, this will mean that you have revoked your request and consequently the status section will remain empty.


-Upon receiving requests, grade changes will be done automatically.


Please visit https://registrar.ku.edu.tr/duyurular/ for Frequently Asked Questions about grade changes. For additional questions, please send an email to registrar@ku.edu.tr.


Best Regards,

Registrar’s and Student Affairs Directorate