Dear Parents / Students,        

Payments for the Fall semester for the 2023-2024 Academic Year will begin on Monday, August 28 and end on Friday, September 1, 2023 (including Friday). In order to register for the semester, the payment process must be completed as follows.

Payment Procedure:

The tuition fees for the Fall semester of the 2023-2024 academic year are listed below according to the scholarship rates and the undergraduate programs. It is not possible to pay the tuition fees via direct bank transfer.

➢ Payments can only be made online through the links on Param payment system provided in the table below.

➢ Students must carefully enter their 5-digit KU ID number when making their payment, if the payment is made with an incorrect ID number, it will be transferred to another student’s account. In case of facing an error during the payment procedure, you can take a screenshot and email it to studentaccounting@ku.edu.tr

In order to make your payment, click on the payment amount according to your education status:

Student Condition 0% scholarship
(Full Tuition)
25% scholarship 50% scholarship 75% scholarship
International, Non-Turkish
$10.750,00 $8.062,50 $5.375,00 $2.687,50
International Medicine, NonTurkish
$14.750,00 $11.062,50 $7.375,00 $3.687,50


  • Students who do not follow the above rules will not be able to enroll in courses.
  • Tuition fees are the same for all undergraduate programs at Koç University, excluding the Faculty of Medicine.

Contact Details:

For any questions, you can contact the people listed bellow from the Finance, Budget and Reporting Directorate during working hours (08:30-16:30) on weekdays or visit our Frequently Asked Questions | Koç University (ku.edu.tr) web page. You can also create your requests according to the relevant topics by logging in with your KU ID and password on the Finance-Trackit portal on the trackit.ku.edu.tr website. Requests on the Track-it portal will be answered faster as they are addressed directly to our team.

Phone: 0 212 338 30 30

Mail: studentaccounting@ku.edu.tr

Ömer Ömür Türkoğlu

Emine Yörük

Murat Şahin

Pırlanta Gelani

Best Regards,

Finance, Budget and Reporting Directorate