Starting with the Spring 2021 semester, students will be allowed to participate in face-to-face and online courses they have not enrolled in, in order to give our students the opportunity to participate in topics they are interested in. Students will be able to access the course link only for the live sessions. Colleges may limit access to specific courses through Academic Council decisions. In such cases, the live session links will not be shared in KUSIS. Students who are not enrolled in a given course will not be able to access the Blackboard page, nor the previously recorded sessions and they will not be responsible for coursework. It should be noted that such participation in a course will not be reflected in the transcript in any capacity. When courses are conducted face-to-face, the same rule will apply given there is physical space available in the classroom, whereby priority will always be given to enrolled students. It is also expected that students wishing to participate in this way inform the instructor in advance.

Starting with the Spring 2021 semester, a “restricted audit” option will also be introduced. Students will have to obtain the instructor’s approval and contact the Registrar’s and Student Affairs Directorate for manual enrollment. Those that are approved will be able to access the Blackboard page and previous recordings of the course. They will not be responsible for coursework and no information will be reflected in their transcript. In addition, the currently available course audit option will still be available.

Audit courses are those courses that students attend just as a listener. Audit courses are considered as addition to normal course load and students do not earn credit from audit courses. If the student completes the audit course successfully, the course is indicated in the transcript with the “AU” grade. If the student fails to complete the audit course, the course is deleted from the transcript.

To add an audit course, meeting time should fit your schedule. To add an audit course, you need to contact the instructor of the course and have them sign the Audit Add Form which you can obtain from the link below or from our office. You must return the signed form to our office within the Add&Drop period.